A pull by pull walkthough!

Steel Rake loading screen

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Welcome to my walkthrough of the solo portion of one of my favorite instances in Aion, Steel Rake. When I first heard NCsoft was changing part of Steel Rake to a solo instance, my disappointment was great. I was sure this amazing instance, one that holds a lot of fun Aion memories for me, would be mutilated in the attempt to make it soloable. I was wrong! The conversion was pulled off with amazing precision and minimal changes. I can assure new players that Steel Rake Cabin, as it exists now, holds the exact same feel and almost the exact same difficulty level of the original group instance.

There are some things that should be noted and remembered as you read this walkthrough. First, obviously, this walkthrough was created from MY point of view, that of a mid-40s level cleric. Some groups of mobs will have multiple ways that they can be fought, depending on the level and abilities of the class fighting them. I make suggestions about how I find it easiest to make it through the instance and try to explain WHY I'm making the suggestions I'm making, but ultimately you will need to figure out what mobs are the most dangerous to specifically YOUR character or YOUR playstyle. Also, this is written from the Elyos perspective, however, that effects only some notes about quests due to slight differences in quest names and quest mobs between the two factions.

Another important thing to remember as you head into Steel Rake Cabin, is that there are a LOT of "non-aggressive" mobs, meaning mobs that will not attack you unless you attack them first. These mobs appear as WHITE dots on your minimap, versus the RED dots of the mobs that will aggro on you by distance alone. There are frequently times when you need to fight directly on top of these non-aggressive mobs. In those instances, you want to be VERY careful to avoid AoE ("area of effect") attacks, that will hit the non-aggressive mobs and cause them to join the fight.

Watch for red circles under mobs in my screen captures to show you which mobs I'm targetting, which are usually the mobs of interest. My screen captures are all clear of the UI, unless there is something that shows up as a point of interest in the UI.

Lastly, the purpose of this walkthrough is only to display how to make it through the instance. I am making the assumption that you have already done the attunement quest and, though I mention where some quest items and quest mobs are, the location of and how to open up the repeatable quests is outside the scope of this walkthrough. (The quests are also fairly easy to find on Aion wiki sites online via Google search.)

Steel Rake fun facts! Did you know.....?

-- Steel Rake used to be considered THE endgame instance to run when Aion was first released and the level cap was still lv50.

-- Steel Rake "Cabin" used to require a group before patch 3.0 and was referred to as "SR MID" for "Steel Rake Middle Deck". Steel Rake's lower and upper decks are still a group instance.

-- The now dead-end doorway to the right when you first come into the instance used to contain the elevator that took you to the lower deck.

-- NCsoft did NOT remove any of the mobs when they changed Steel Rake to a solo instance, but the mobs were much less lethargic then. All the mobs you see sleeping now, used to be AWAKE!

-- For the Asmodian version of the Hairpin quest, you collect Hats instead, which drop from the Shamans and Healers (not from the Deadeyes and Fencers).

-- The cheese you buy for the quest, which costs about 115k-120k now, used to cost OVER a million kinah per piece! They lowered the price in one of the patches after Aion's 2.0 release.

-- Madame Bovariki used to spawn an elite Cat when fought, thus few groups ran "SR MID" without a sorc to tree the Cat. The Cat looked like a huge panther that was over half as tall as Bovariki herself

-- When Steel Rake was still a group instance, the switches for the food and water in the end boss fight required TWO players to click on the switch simultaneously before it would activate.


Steel Rake Cabin opens with you having been dumped off on the stern of the Steel Rake ship. The way to exit the ship from the start, is by clicking on the anchor behind you. But why exit when the fun is just starting?! Just follow me and my trusty companion, Lilac!

Immediately in front of you, you will see a room that contains several mobs, most of which can be skipped. There are two pathing Togs in this room. The first is walking right back and forth in front of you. Kill that one, then when the second pathing Tog has walked away, kill the kobold on the stairs. Wait for the second pathing Tog to come back and kill it when it does. Now you're looking at a door with a Scurv in front of it. You will need to kill this Scurv, but be careful! There is a second Scurv that paths up and down the hall behind this one. (See him down the hall in the screen capture.) Wait for the hallway pathing Scurv to path away, then kill the Scurv by the door.


Enter the hall and watch the dots on your minimap, when the hallway pathing Scurv is alone, kill it. You are now at a "T" in the hallway. Kill the couple solo mobs that are in the hall (including another pathing Scurv) and you will see that in each direction is a doorway. Each of the doorways leads into one of two small hexagonal rooms. In ONE of these rooms, is Sweeper Nunukin, who holds the key to the door at the eastern end of the hall. Which room he appears in is random, but find him and kill him for the key. You can run right into the room with him, if you want, as there are no agressive mobs inside the hexagonal rooms other than him. Once you have the key, you want to take out the little guy at the end of the hall to access the door.

The Sailor Waiting Room has quite a few agressive mobs, but most are avoidable! Even at low levels, if you're careful, the room can be passed by killing only three of the mobs here. First, stand in the doorway without crossing the threshold. You will see two mobs to the left, inside the door. Pull those two into the hallway you just cleared and kill them there. The best way to do this is to target and kill the smaller and much easier to kill one first, then concentrate on the more dangerous and harder to kill one. You'll take much LESS damage from the heavier hitter in the time that it takes you to kill the easier one than the damage you would take from the easier one if you try to kill the heavy hitter first.

Once those two are down, go into the room, staying against the wall to your left and head to the short stair up to the roped-in area. You will need to clear the mob at the table just in front of the top of the steps. Take him out, keeping to the left side of the stairs as you were heading up. Once he's out of the way, you can head through the door on the east side of the room. This leads to the portside deck. Be careful because there is a single Scurv which paths up and down the deck... AND directly past this door. Check your minimap to look for it's dot.


Walk out onto the the portside deck and look down its length. There are TWO pathing mobs on it. Assuming you didn't kill it when you entered the Portside Deck, one pathing mob (a Scurv) walks up and down the north end of the deck, as well as in and out of the small, hexagonal room off the west side of the deck. (I accidentally faceplanted into this one and had to kill it before I could screen cap it.) The other (a Deck Hand) walks up and down the southern end of the deck. (As seen in the screencap.) Every mob on the deck can be pulled as a single mob, if you are careful of the pathing mobs. Your first pull (again, assuming you didn't already kill it when you came onto the deck) should be the pathing Scurv. Wait until it comes up the stairs to you at the northern end of the deck, keeping in mind that you might not be able to immediately see it if it's in the hexagonal room. After killing the pathing Scurv, wait for the pathing Deck Hand to move away, then kill the two single kobold mobs one the deck. After that, pull the pathing Deck Hand when he comes back towards you. There is one mob past the pathing Deck Hand, on the southernmost end of the Portside Deck, which you can either kill or skip. Note, it is a Hairpin mob.

Here, you want to check what quests you are on. If you are on The Shattered Stigma quest, or if you need to find the Steel Rake logbook, you will need to go into the hexagonal room. Both items are in that room. There are two mobs in the room that WILL pull together. One of them is a Shaman and I generally try to take it out first, since the Shaman can both silence AND sleep. Once the room is cleared, the log book is on the desk (clickable item) and the quest item for The Shattered Stigma is in the box against the back wall of the room. If you are not on either of these quests, you can skip this room. It contains nothing you need other than the quest items.

Of course, before you go, make sure to pose for a screenshot of you looking really cool and awesome on a pirate ship.


Come back out of the hexagonal room and head to the southern end of the Portside Deck. The entryway you see there on the west side of the hallway is your next destination, but CAUTION approaching it. A pathing kobold passes back and forth DIRECTLY inside the door. Look for this mob's dot on your minimap before getting near the door and stand back until it crosses the doorway. As soon as you can see it, pull it out onto the deck and kill it. Once the pathing mob is dead, lower level characters will want to also kill the Sorcerer mob just in front of them, inside the door. Higher level characters can skip this mob.

There is a keymaster in this room who holds the key to the Mercenary Quarters. (Note: This mob seems to have a 100% spawn rate now. It used to be a rare spawn before Steel Rake was split into two instances. If it's ever not there, let me know. I would be interested to hear.) First, take out the one mob at the close table, who pulls alone. Then you can fight Kedomke the Drinker, the mob I have targetted, who holds the key. Be careful not to back up too far, as you have a group of THREE aggressive mobs just behind the ropes in back of you, on the lower level of the room. They are skippable and hard to fight. Don't poke them with a stick!

Once you have retrieved the key, head down the little stairs to the lower level of the room and look to your left. You'll see one open door with a Tog beside it and, further around the room in that direction, a second door with two guards that is locked. You want to take out the tog by the open door first, as you're going to want a little room to fight the bigger guards by the locked door, but CAUTION! There is a Skurv mob which paths up and down the hall on the other side of the open door. This pathing mob actually comes into the room and stands next to the Tog before pathing away again. This is a place you have a couple options. If you're strong and have been killing things well, pull both the Skurv and the Tog and kill both, or you can wait for the Skurv to path away, then kill the Tog alone. However, one thing to remember is that, while it's attractive to only have to kill one mob at a time, the Skurv has a LONG path it walks. (Seriously. I swear he comes back with Asmodae stickers on his luggage.) If you've been struggling with killing the bigger mobs, you will want to wait for this Skurv to return and kill it before you fight the two guards at the door, because you will NOT want it to walk up while you're fighting and add to the fight. On the flip side, if you've been having no trouble fighting the bigger mobs, you should be able to kill the two guards at the door before the Skurv paths back.

(Myself, I kill the Tog and Skurv together if the Skurv is there. If it's pathed away enough that I can't see it, I simply kill the Tog and then pull the two door guards immediately. I usually have them dead before the Skurv comes back to the room.)


However you accomplish it, once these four mobs are dead, you can open the door to the Mercenary Quarters. DO NOT ENTER. Look at the red dots on your minimap. You will see there are two together off to your left, as you look inside, one straight ahead of you, and one to the right. Staying outside the room, try to pull the one in the middle. Sometimes this mob will pull solo, sometimes it will pull with the other single mob to the right. I've been unable to replicate any way to pull it alone, so just be prepared for two. I usually poke it with a stick, then run away from the door so that it comes after me. (This is called "distance pulling". Running out of range of a casting mob is a way to make it come to where you want, instead of stand back and cast.) If the two come at once, kill both, but be careful since they're BOTH Shamans. If the mob comes alone, kill it, then pull and kill the other single to the right.

The group of two is next. One is a Shaman and I usually kill that one first. Distance pulling is good for this pair too. Pull them right out of the Mercenary Quarters by poking them with a stick and running back away from the door. Once they're dead, you can go into the room. The guy with the loot is Whistler Gududom by the back wall. There are two other red mobs left in the room. They pull alone and can be fought in the room. If you can't kill the Sorcerer at range, it might be wise to pull it from the room by running out the door, especially if you're lower level. Kill each of these mobs before taking on Gududom.

It is worth noting that there is nothing you NEED in the Mercenary Quarters to complete the instance. If you don't want to spend the time, you can skip this room, including it's door guards. There are no quest items OR quest mobs in the Mercenary Quarters.

Head back out of the Mercenary Quarters (if you went in) and go through the open door on the northwest side of the room. There are a handful of mobs along the walls of this hall. All pull solo; just kill them. If you're feeling risky, you can skip the first one, but it won't save you much time and I would make sure to kill the other two. There is an open door and a locked door at the end of this hallway. Bhagwaninerk is inside the open door and holds the key to the locked door. He and the smaller mob with him are the only aggressive mobs in this room and they pull together, so you can either run into the room at them or pull them out, it doesn't matter. As with several of the pairs earlier in the instance, the Kobold with Bhagwaninerk squishes easily and should be quickly dispatched first. Kill them and get the key.

Before you walk up and unlock the door to the next room, spend a moment to look at your minimap. There is a mob that paths from one end of the room to the end with the door and back again. It pauses RIGHT BEHIND the door. Do not let it take you by surprise. Wait until it has pathed away before unlocking the door. The mob that is inside the door to the left, can be pulled out into the hall to be killed when the pathing mob is pathed away. Then kill the pathing mob. Next, continue to clear this room with the pair (weaker one first) and then the healer, which pulls alone. Head out the door on the west wall onto the Starboard Deck, being careful of the Fencer right on the deck side of the door.


Once on the Starboard Deck, stay close to the door by which you entered. There is a Fencer that paths most of the way up and down the deck. You want to wait for him to walk up to the northern edge of the deck, where you are, and kill him there, solo. Killing him anywhere else will result in multiple mobs aggroing at once. After killing him, take out the next two kobolds solo, being careful of the second pathing mob, a Shaman, who walks up and down the southern end of the deck. Wait for the Shaman to path away, kill the kobolds, then kill the Shaman when it comes back. Do not chase down the Shaman to kill, as there is a Watcher mob pathing at the very southernmost end of the deck, which might add to the fight. Once the Shaman is dead, wait for the Watcher to walk down the stairs and kill it at the bottom of the stairs.

The reason to wait for the Watcher to come down the stairs is a Tog that is hiding just inside the door to the next area, on the east side of the hallway. Dispatch this Tog without going into the room beyond.


You have reached the Sea Song Tavern. Possibly one of the longest to clear rooms in Steel Rake Cabin. However, follow the screen captures and you'll quickly see how to take it apart in a way that MOST mobs in the room can be pulled alone, and you never have to pull more than two at a time.

First, look in the door and notice the two pathing kobolds carrying barrels, which will walk back and forth in front of you. One has a short path and the other has a very long path. Also notice the Fencer mob standing by the stack of boxes you can see to your right. Wait for those two kobold mobs to path away, then pull the Fencer out onto the Deck and kill it. Before continuing further, kill the two pathing kobolds with the barrels and the kobold that is sweeping the floor (which you can see from the door) by pulling them to the door where you're standing. Then continue into the room, staying against the right hand wall, and kill the kobold that is right around the corner to the right of where the Fencer you just killed was standing.

First thing you'll notice that's nice is that there's a vendor here! You can use the vendor by running up, jumping over the railing, and killing the Deck Hand standing beside him. If you try this, make sure you run up and jump over the railing VERY fast, because the Deck Hand can aggro other mobs if it runs AROUND the railing to get to you. Make sure to fight it right where it stands. Now you can use the vendor.

Note that, if you are on the quest , this vendor is where you buy the cheese for the quest. This is also where you can get Steel Rake candy, for those who want to look like a shulack pirate. (Note: You can NOT cast/fight while in shulack form. I know.... Boo. The one with the bandit mask is the "Scout" one.)

The next mob to take out is the Deadeye standing by the center ring of the room, but before you pull it, make note of the barrels next to where it's standing. If you can't kill the Deadeye fully at RANGE, aggro it, then run out the door onto the Starboard Deck and kill it there when it follows you. Once it's dead, you can kill the Healer that was next to it. After that, remove the Mercenary that was right next to the Healer you just killed. All while doing this, stay near those barrels that were next to the Deadeye. Those barrels are a safety zone. Nothing will path into you while you are near those barrels. Just be careful to not back into the Shaman behind you. (Alternatively, you can kill the Shaman for safety.)

You now want to take out the Worker that was near the Mercenary you just killed. Be VERY careful to your left, where there are two Fencers fighting. (Look by the wall in the screen capture.) You don't want ANYTHING else at all on you when fighting that pair. Once the worker is dead, the area is clear enough to take on the Fencers. Use pots or heals over time EARLY when fighting these two as both mobs hit hard and both are capable of stunning you, which can cause you to become stunned twice in a row. Be quick with your Remove Shock ability! If you have any DoTs (damage over time) spells, put up as many as you can, since those will continue to do damage while you are stunned. Also remember, if you have a root ability, a DoT will NOT cause a root to break. You can DoT one of them, root it, and move away from it to prevent it from damaging you. Lastly, remember that if you're having a hard time with this pair, you CAN skip them, but they are Hairpin mobs, so it's worth trying to kill them if you're on that quest.

As you circle around the center of the room towards the bar, you will see a Healer and a pathing Skurv. Both can be pulled alone and you should clear them. You are now close enough to the bar to see who is behind the bar. There are only two options: a Shaman or Madame Bovariki. (In this screen capture, you can see it is Madame Bovariki.) If you do NOT see Madame Bovariki behind the bar, then she is at the back of the room, against the east wall. You want to be careful around the bar area, because there is a kobold carrying a barrel which paths back and forth, behind the bar and in/out of the wine room.

First, take out the Worker to the right of the bar, as you're looking at the bar, when the pathing kobold with the barrel isn't near. Then circle a bit more around the center of the room to find a Sorcerer. Kill the Sorcerer. Stand where that Sorcerer was, look into the roped-off area of the room and locate the kobold chasing the cockroach. (I'm really not kidding!) When that kobold runs to the opposite side of the room *AND* the pathing kobold with the barrel is gone, pull the Worker/Fencer pair that is next to the ropes. It is now safe to pull and kill the pathing kobold with the barrel when it next paths toward the wine room. Careful to make sure it is clear of the two Fencers squabbling near the wall between the bar and the wine room! Once the pathing mob is dead, dispatch the two squabbling Fencers by whatever method worked best for the first pair of Fencers.

The following three mobs will NEED to be pulled to get at Bovariki if she is against the east wall and even if she isn't, I usually kill them for safety reasons. First, take out the Shaman at the table, when the kobold chasing the cockroach is on the other side of the room. Best is to poke the Shaman with a stick, then run back around the center part of the room, so it follows you out of the roped area. Once the Shaman is dead, pull the Deck Hand out of the roped area and kill that, again making sure the cockroach chaser is gone. Once both those mobs are dead, you can kill the cockroach chaser. Just be sure that, if Madame Bovariki is against the east wall, you only pull the Cockroach chaser when he is at his stopped point beside the ropes. Do not pull him as he runs in front of Bovariki.

=== WINE ROOM ===

With that, you're ready to clear the Wine Room. Notice in the Wine Room that there are barrels for the quest A Promise to a Customer. Do NOT touch ANY of the barrels at all until the entire room is clear. This is important for maximizing your completion of the repeatable quests and I will explain a little further along in this walkthrough. As a sidenote for the Wine Room, if you mess up any of the pulls and thus get half the mobs in Wine Room at once, don't panic. Just turn tail and RUN. Pop a running scroll and take off out the door to the Deck, all the way back along the deck, through the room previous to the deck, and into that hall beyond. If you can make it that far, the mobs will de-aggro without killing you and you can go back and try again.

To start clearing, stand in the Wine Room door and look into the room. You will see it has two levels, with a small set of stairs. There is a kobold that paths from the bottom to the top. When the pathing kobold has walked all the way to the top, pull the two staionary kobolds that are sweeping out into the Sea Song Tavern main room and kill them. Once they're gone, wait for the pathing mob to come back to the bottom, then pull it and kill it. Make sure you wait to pull until it is at it's closest point to the door in which you're standing. Even if you wait for no other pathing mob in this instance, WAIT FOR THIS KOBOLD. Since it's first spawn on live servers, this kobold has wiped more groups than you'll ever join in your entire time playing Aion. It is evil, whoever programmed it is evil for putting it there, and it needs to die before it can do any harm.

After those are gone, you can step a little way into the Wine Room, enough to get a clear shot at the two mobs standing by the SIDE of the stairs. You want to pull these mobs, then run out of the room. When you pull them, make sure you pull them by hitting the DECK HAND, otherwise the mobs at the top of the stairs might aggro on you. I prefer to fight this pair out in the main room of the Sea Song Tavern, for safety. Once this pair is dead, go into the Wine Room, staying near the west wall of the room, and take out the pair of mobs at the bottom of the stairs. Then climb far enough up the stairs to target the single mob at the top of the stairs, pull it and kill it on the stairs.

With the mob at the top of the stairs dead, you should be safe to climb to the top of the stairs if you stay glued to the north wall. Take out the Shaman and Deck Hand on the balcony. With that the entire room is clear!

Now on to the explaination of the wine barrels.... The quest "A Promise to a Customer" (for Asmodians: "Request of a Wine Lover") requires four wine quest items. There are FIVE in the wine room. There is only ONE way to be able to pick up all five of them. You have to go to all five barrels, open the barrel, look at the quest item, then close the loot window and leave it there. Once all five barrels are "opened" like this, then you can go back to them and loot them all. Obviously this means that every fourth time you go through Steel Rake Cabin, you will get TWO turn-ins of the repeatable quest instead of one. (On the first trip, you'll have one extra wine, by the second, you'll have two extras, etc.) Just make sure that when you walk out with eight wines in total that you pick up TWO cheese items, one for each turn-in.


Once the Wine Room is clear, no matter which location she is in, you are now ready to pull Madame Bovariki. The best place I've found to pull her is actually into the Wine Room. Stand as close to the Wine Room door as you can, poke her with a stick, and run inside the Wine Room. She is VERY VERY fast and will be right behind you. Position yourself at the bottom of the stairs with Bovariki closer to the center of the room. The idea is to have a quick, clear shot at the stairs. Cover her in as many DoTs as you have at your disposal. The attack that you have to fear the most from her is called "Luscious Stare". Fortunately it has a casting time and lack of line of sight can interrupt it, so when you see her start to cast it, immediately stop anything you're doing and run up the stairs onto the balcony. Her cast will fail and she will chase you up the stairs. Jump off the balcony to the main floor again and try to postion her as before, then repeat. She hits very hard, so have potions ready and keep heals over time on yourself if you're a healer.

EDIT (July 13, 2013): A recent runthrough of Steel Rake Cabin on an on-level alt has shown that the trick for blocking line of sight to Bovariki by using the railings on the stairs in the wine room seems to no longer work. Not sure what might have changed to prevent this method of fighting her, but other ideas are to line of sight her by running in/out of the wine room or taking her to the Starboard Deck, which provides a LONG distance that you can use to kite her back and forth. Kiting is the method I preferred with a Sorcerer, while running in/out of the wine room was the method I preferred on a Cleric.

Bovariki has 100% chance to drop the "Loot Depository Key", which is the key that lets you continue the instance, and she has a rare chance to drop the "Tavern Key 2nd Floor", which lets you up onto the balcony in the Sea Song Tavern. If you get the 2nd Floor key, the door to the second floor is between the bar and the Wine Room. Unlock the door and head up the stairs. (If you did not get the rare drop key, you can skip the "Tavern Second Floor" section and go straight to the "Loot Depository" section.)

Note for Asmodians: If the rare key does not drop from Bovariki, it is still possible to get ONE additional hat mob from the upper level. Go to the door that leads to the Loot Depository (Entrance). Look to the left of the door to see a barrel against the wall. Jump onto this barrel and look up at the rope bridge above you. There is a Healer that paths across the bridge, which can be aggroed by tossing a DoT on it or by jumping up close to it as it paths near (if you're low enough level). When aggroed, this Healer will come down to the first floor where it can be killed and looted.


The second floor of the tavern is VERY simple and straightforward. At the top of the stairs, stop just inside the door. There is a pathing Deck Hand up on the balcony and it crosses RIGHT in front of this door. Wait for it and kill it when it comes. Once it's dead, look over by the railing a little to the left to find a Deadeye and a Watcher. Pull them into the stairway and kill them. The area where they were standing will now be clear and a safe place for you to start from to work on the rest of the balcony.

If you go to the east first, you will find only two mobs well away from anything else. You can either skip these or kill these, but one of them is a Hairpin mob, so you'll probably want to kill them if you have the quest. Once they're either skipped or killed, head west on the balcony and kill the two mobs fighting next to the boxes at the bend. Be cautious as you approach this bend, since there is a Healer who paths along the balcony almost to this corner. Poke them with a stick, run into the stairway to make them come to you, and fight them in the stairwell. You'll need to line of sight them like that because one of them is ranged.

Here, it's best to wait for the Healer to path back to you so you can kill it alone. Wait for it to come all the way to the end of it's path and stop before you pull it, since only then will it definitely be out of range to aggro anything else. Once the healer is dead, continue around the top of the Tavern, killing the Mercenary/Shaman pair on the west side and the Fencer/Watcher pair at the southwest corner. Be careful at the southwest corner to pull the mobs back the way you came, since there is another pathing healer who paths on the small rope bridge that runs along the southern edge of the room. Kill the pathing healer once you've cleared the southwest corner.

Now you are facing the rope bridge. Kill the two mobs at the far end of the bridge and take a look at the fun ahead of you. There are a series of hanging platforms and beams that you can jump on, Mario-style. They lead to a platform on the east wall of the room with a treasure box on it. Remember, if you cleared everything underneath, you won't have to worry about falling. You'll merely need to run back up the stairs and start over if you miss a jump.

Once you get to the chest, you can open it and then either jump down to go to the next door normally, or you can break open the air vent and run through the air vent. The air Vent lets out at the back of the next room, which is the beginning of the Loot Depository. There isn't a lot to gain by taking the air vent to here and, for an inexperienced Steel Rake player, this entrance to the room could cause you trouble by coming in at the mobs from a weird angle and because it allows NO margin for error when jumping down. That said, there's a hatch you can see from the vantage point of the air duct exit, which is ultimately where you want to go. If you're brave, you can wait for the pathing mob to path away and then try to jump down from the air duct directly into the hatch. You will skip a maximum of three mobs this way. (Three mobs that a higher level character can skip ANYhow.) The next section of this walkthrough will be written as if you entered the room nomally, through the door, with Bovariki's key.


When you open the door, wait at the entrance until the pathing mob comes to the end of its path in front of you. Pull it into the Sea Song Tavern and kill it there. The immediately visible golem in the corner can be skipped if you're high enough level, but you'll want to kill it if you have the quest to kill them. Once you have killed the golem (or skipped it, by sticking to the left hand wall as you round the corner) you will see an open hatch in the floor. Kill the mob standing next to it, which will pull alone, and drop onto the hatch ramp, no further down than the middle. It is worth noting that the three mobs you just killed in this side room CAN all be skipped by a higher level character. Simply wait for the pathing mob to walk all the way to the back of the room, then walk around the other two and down the hatch.

There is a hall at the bottom of this hatch ramp. Out of sight to your right, is another Golem, which can be skipped. You want to go left down this hall, but there is pathing Golem in the hall to the left, so be careful to check your minimap for its dot to see how close it is before you round the corner. Kill the pathing Golem (and the stationary one, if you need for the quest), then continue down the hall to where you will see yet another hatch in the floor.

This hatch leads down into a room that contains three mobs. The two you see at the bottom of the stairs, and another Golem behind the stairs. The best way to tackle them is to pull the Shaman/Deck Hand pair up into the now empty hallway to kill them and then you can kill the Golem in the room below. There is a door out of this room, but do NOT go through it yet!


Standing in the little hallway, past the door, is Tamer Anikiki. She is green to you and you cannot attack her. When you do aggro her, instead of attacking, she will run away and call for her henchmen to "hide all the key boxes". When she does, a three minute timer will start and you will have three minutes to run through the mazelike room behind her, grabbing as many key boxes as you can find.

This is NOT EASY. The room is full of mobs that will attack you, however they ARE all stationary. (There are NO pathing mobs in this room.) You have to move both quickly and carefully to not aggro more than you can handle. (Set your minimap to closeup view and watch it for dots that will tell you mobs might be around a corner.) You can get a little bit of idea where the key boxes are by angling your camera as parellel to the floor as possible and looking underneath the dividers, to spot the key boxes that way. Keep in mind, although there is an upstairs to this room, the key boxes are NOT upstairs. They are all only on the bottom level. Another tip for this room is, before you aggro Anikiki, creep up to the edge of the door and target the Scurv behind her. (See the targetted mob in the screen capture) You can pull this Scurv to you and a Tog will come with it, both WITHOUT aggroing Anikiki. This allows you to get a little jump on the room by killing two mobs before the timer is started. Another tip is do NOT waste time looting the mobs you kill. Loot ONLY the key boxes until the timer runs out. You will be able to go back and loot the normal mobs after the timer has expired and any unopened key boxes have vanished.

It's important not to be upset with yourself if you don't find or can't get to any key boxes. These keys are just to little bonus boxes at the end of the instance, which rarely contain anything at all valuable. Usually it's just a smidge extra kinah, so it's not worth it to die trying to get to the boxes. Important to note, if you DO get one or more keys you CAN NOT LEAVE THE INSTANCE with the key in your inventory. If you do leave the instance for any reason with the key in your bags, it will vanish.

In the end, the Loot Depository is kind of a free-for-all room. I would need a LOT more time to fully map this room and it's mobs.... and even if I did, you'd lose track of where you are during the run for the keys anyhow. It's okay to kind of "feel your way around" this room. If you are on the Hairpin quest, there are four Hairpin mobs to be found on this level of the room. Ultimately, you want to find the stairway up to the upper floor, which is where I will pick up this walkthrough next. If you are having a hard time locating the stairs, try looking above the tops of the boxes for a ramp leading up, then head towards that.


When you find the stairs up, go to the top of the stairs and stop. Right in front of you is a Fencer to kill. Once it's dead, circle around the boxes to your right. There is another Deck Hand RIGHT behind them, so don't let it surprise you. Note that, in my screen capture, I'm much closer to this mob than a lower level character would be able to get without aggroing it. Fight it where it stands, then pull over the Healer that is visible just a little bit down the railing and kill that too. There is a pathing mob over there, so make the Healer come to you.

Watch the bridge for a pathing Watcher. When it walks away to the back half of the room, target and pull the Deadeye standing next to the bridge. The Deadeye is a ranged mob, but you can make it come to you by poking it with a stick, then hiding behind the boxes next to the stairs. Once that Deadeye is out of the way, kill the pathing Watcher next time he paths past the end of the bridge.

There are several Hairpin mobs up here, which you can skip if you don't have the quest, but if you want to kill them, start by standing approximately where the Deadeye was that you just killed. The first Hairpin mob is next to some boxes on the other side of the room from you with a Shaman and nothing in the way. Simply pull the Shaman/Fencer pair. There should be plenty of room if you need to run up and melee the Shaman. For the last two Hairpin mobs in this room, you'll need to first pull the Watcher that is past the bridge. Then you can get at the pair of Fencers that is mostly behind the boxes near the far wall. When you pull them, pull the one that is on the RIGHT as you're looking at them. (See the targetting circle in the screen capture.) This pair is VERY close to another pair, to the point that if you pull the left one first, it will pull the second pair as well.


Go back to the bridge and kill the golem across it. You will see a doorway into another hall. This hall has a few mobs here and there in it that you will need to clear out. The only danger is a slow-pathing Healer. There will be plenty of spare room to kill her, so long as you keep an eye out for her. There are two rooms, one at the end of each of the halves of the hallway. Each of these rooms has a named mob in it.... Collector Memekin is in the room to the left and Discerner Werikiki is in the room to the right. Both mobs have a 100% chance to drop the key to Grogget's Safe. Although you can only pick up one copy of the key, it can be worth killing both of the named mobs, since they can drop armor loot. However, if you are short on time, you only NEED to kill one of the two, which would mean you could skip clearing the mobs in half of the hallway.

To clear these rooms, stay just outside the doorway and pull the mobs out into the hall, one at a time, starting with the ones closest to you, until you are able to pull the named mob. For Discerner Werikiki's room, you do NOT need to pull the Deck Hand/Shaman pair in the back of the room. For Collector Memekin's room, you do NOT need to pull the only Shaman in the room. All the other mobs in the rooms pull alone.


This is the final battle in Steel Rake Cabin! Here you see what Tamer Anikiki has been taming, Golden Eye Mantutu.

This fight is fairly easy save for two mechanical problems.... targetting the switches and hearing what Tamer Anikiki is telling Mantutu. To fight Mantutu, you want to run to to where he is sitting. You will need to position him in such a way that he is NOT sitting too near either of the large switches you see on the floor in this room, and in such a way as you are standing fairly near to Anikiki. The best place to achieve this is dead center, right at the top of the little stairs.

Several times during the fight, Anikiki will call out one of two things to Mantutu: "Mantutu! Kill it and I will give you something refreshing!" or "Mantutu! Kill it and I will give you something delicious!". If she tells him he will get something "refreshing", you need to run over and click the water switch. If she tells him he will get something "delicious", you need to run over and click the feed switch. This is the reason you can't have Mantutu too near the switches, since it's possible for him to block you from clicking on them, and why you need to be near Anikiki, since you won't be able to hear her emote if you get too far away. The range on her voice is VERY small. When Anikiki calls out one of these phrases to Mantutu, he will briefly stop hitting you. Make sure you use that opportunity to run over and click a switch. Using the switches is a channeled ability and when he starts hitting you again, the damage will interrupt the channel. As a bonus for hitting the correct switch, Mantutu will breifly ignore you to beat on the item that appears, either a bowl of water or a bowl of food.

If you ever fail to click a switch, or if you click the incorrect switch, Mantutu will gain a strong buff.

Once you defeat Mantutu, don't run away quite yet. You can now go kill Tamer Anikiki and, if you're on the quest to get the Taming Manual, she will drop it for you. Also, looking back towards the door you came in, you should see a clickable item, an "Old Book", on the floor that starts a quest. Lastly, if you found any keys in the Loot Depository, the small boxes around this room are the ones that those keys open. When you are ready to leave, there is a small "Hidden Escape Exit" on the west wall of the room and clicking it will teleport you back to the dock in Sanctum.